Energy & Climate Skellefteå

#Brand design #Website Founded in 2021, Energy & Climate is a fresh company focusing on heating, ventilation, and sanitation. Being a newly launched company in a very competitive market, a strong visual identity is a must-have. With extensive research about the market and Energy & Climate’s position in it, a sustainable and long- term communication […]

Calming Club

#Brand design #Website The Calming Club was founded in 2020 out of a desire to create a digital platform to share their tools and practices with the community in order to creating better quality of life, health and personal development. We met with the founder of Calming Club to study the company’s core values, goals and […]

La Plantation

#Brand design #Graphic Design Located in a tropical paradise of Costa Rica, La Plantacion offers people the opportunity to settle down in luxurious architectural homes that are integrated into nature with respect for the ecosystem.While living in Costa Rica, I worked with the founders of La Plantacion to create a brand image, tagline and brochure […]

Compassion Coach

#Brand design #Website Founded in 2022, Compassion Coach is a modern company that focuses on personal development by covering both personal subjects and career issues. As a start-up in a highly competitive market, a strong visual identity is a must.With extensive research into the market and Compassion Coach’s position in it, we developed a personalised […]